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Follow the exploits of two thirtysomethings having a slightly early mid life crisis. Its cheaper than a porsche..sort of.....
Steve and Sarah Carter in Africa

More About us

We’re Steve & Sarah, the Carters from South East England.  Taking a Gap year is not that interesting in itself.  But we were 38 when we went on ours, which is sort of a little bit older than the average backpacker.  This comes with its own challenges, and believe me  – being a bit older does NOT absolve you from making rookie backpacker mistakes.

To find out more about us, and our 1st backpacking trip click here!

Photo Galleries

We took loads of photos on our gap year.  I mean LOADS.  But thankfully for you, we know its super annoying when your mates insist on showing you hundreds of photos from their holidays.  So we’ve picked some of our favorites for you to look at.

Leopard Stalking prey in Kruger, South Africa

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