Swimming with Reef Sharks in Fiji

Swimming with Sharks sounds like a crazy thing to do right?  White Tip Reef Sharks are, well, friendly isn’t really the right word to use.  But they aren’t aggressive like the bigger, grumpy ones are.

Fiji has some of the most amazing reefs imaginable.  The water is crystal clear, and stunningly blue.  At Wayalailai in the Yasawa Islands you can swim with these Reef Sharks for 60 FJD.  Thats about £25.

Getting to the Yasawas from the mainland is pretty easy – Wayalailai is about 2 hours from the Mainland port.  Don’t book anything before you get to Fiji. There are loads of small companies that will get you to the Yasawas but they aren’t online.  Talk to locals and you’ll get a good deal.

Keep your arms inside the vehicle

It might sound obvious, but just because these aren’t man eating sharks doesn’t mean you can lower your guard.  They will tell you this, but its worth repeating.  If a shark comes near you, then cross your arms.  They do feed the sharks, and if said shark comes near you and sees an outstretched arm, it might take a little nibble.  Once the shark has gone past you, you can stroke it.  I definitely did not stroke the shark, but most other people did!

So basically try not to be shark bait. 

We’re still not sure how we feel about the whole feeding the shark thing, but it does kind of stop them from trying to eat you I guess.

As an aside, you can also dive with Bullsharks.  Only crazy people do this!!!

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