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Welcome to Mr & Mrs Carter on Tour. We’re the Carters, a couple in our late 30’s who gave up our jobs, house, car etc, put the sofa in storage, the cat at Sarah’s sisters and are travelling around the world until the money runs out.

This site is mainly about how we muddle through an experience that people half our age seem to breeze through. There are also some hints and tips for you if you’re thinking of doing something similar.


About us

We are Steve & Sarah.  Based in the South East of England, though currently nowhere near there.  Having given up our jobs we are making our way through South East Asia, with an unscheduled stop in Africa for 2 months, before we head to Oz and Fiji.  We plan to go to Bali (volcano permitting for Christmas) before heading home. We love nature, wildlife, temples and a good night out. It turns out Steve is a pretty photographer, so you can see a selection of his photos in the 30 photos from section of this site.

The most surprising place we’ve been to on our trip so far is the Philippines. If you ever get a chance, you should definitely go there.

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Latest News from the Carters

27st January 2018

We’ve been back home for a few weeks now.  Though both of us managed to get an overseas trip in since.  Now its time to get back into earning money. This year we have decided we’ll be focusing on seeing more of the beautiful country we are from – in the form of festivals.  In the meantime we still have loads of photos and blog posts to keep you entertained so stay tuned!

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